Cost – Charges

Our rates have been totally adjusted to the current challenging economic environment
and may vary depending on different factors.

Translation rates are usually set on a per word basis. The equivalent rate per page can also be calculated. A standard translation page contains 250 words. Different variables affect the price of a translation project:

• the linguistic combinations
• the project’s tight delivery deadline
• the volume – our rates can be more competitive for big projects
• the subject-matter-very technical and complex projects require a highly specialized skill set, a lot of research and background reading

Our regular rates apply in most of the translation projects.

A minimum rate applies for small documents containing fewer than 300 words. The minimum rate is a standard practice as a very small translation constitutes an economically unviable project, when rated per word, both for the translator and the translation agency.

The standard rates for interpreting are conditional upon local market particularities but, in general, similar rates apply across all linguistic combinations and different subject-matters. Usually interpreters are engaged on a daily basis and an hourly charge is not an accepted practice. However, a slightly lower rate may be agreed upon if the service is required only for half a day or for a couple of hours.

An overriding factor in the rates for interpreting is the number of professionals working on the project. Interpreting is a team work. Interpreters work in pairs or, more rarely, even in teams of 3 should the conference/congress/event exceed the 8-hour schedule. They take turns every 20 or 30 minutes, as research has shown that interpreting (particularly simultaneous interpreting) is one of the most stressful professions. Interpreters cannot and should not work on their own for a long time as their performance will fall short in quality.

In the era of high standards and globalization, there is no place for amateurism.
Specialization emerges thus as a necessity, not a luxury.

We keep abreast for our clients’ needs and respond to them with professionalism.