The secretary in our company speaks German. Is she able to translate a series of products?

The knowledge of a language is not tantamount to being a professional translator. A competent user of a language may render in summary the content of a text into the target language without being able though to dive into the subtle nuances of the meaning and translate accurately.

Is your agency competent to undertake successfully specialized, technical and scientific translations?

Definitely! For many years in a row, we have been translating technical manuals, scientific presentations, clinical trial protocols, engineering texts, legal texts and court proceedings. In most of the cases, our associates, besides being competent users of the source and target language, are also field experts being themselves graduates of the respective faculty (e.g physicians, engineers, lawyers etc).

And what about economic texts ?

Our growing customer portfolio encompasses large financial bodies, banking institutions, listed companies and multinational groups. Our customers confide in us and entrust us with the delivery of high quality economic translations.

And how about EU texts?

Our agency enjoys a significant expertise in EU subject matters, by virtue of its cooperation with EU institutions in interpreting and translation.

Do you use machine translation?

We do not use any machine translation tool available on the internet as the result is of poor quality and totally unsuitable for professional purposes. However, to optimize our work, we do employ computer assisted technology available to all professional translators aimed at better organizing translators’ work and databases.

Do you recruit non-professional interpreters and how can you ensure that interpreters are able to respond to specialized cognitive fields?

Our agency cooperates exclusively with professional interpreters who have been trained in interpreting and have not just learned the job with practice. A key component for successful interpreting is appropriate preparation in advance. A professional interpreter knows well that the job begins well before the actual conference date through studying and background reading. The customer’s assistance is pivotal in this respect since the conference material should be sent in advance.

Is it possible to safeguard confidentiality in interpreting and translation projects?

Our agency rigorously adheres to the principle of confidentiality and occasionally signs for that purpose a confidentiality agreement, should it be requested. Similarly, our associates are bound by the same principle.

How can I assign an interpreting or translation project?

You could start with a telephone contact. You are then kindly requested to send us your request to the e-mail address We will answer back with our quote. Any project is considered valid once we receive a written assignment confirmation, either by e-mail or by fax (+30 2106395221)

What are the available payment options?

Once an invoice is issued by our agency, you may deposit the respective amount to our bank account or pay in cash. Taking into consideration the current transacting practice, a 60-day deadline is agreed upon with most of our customers.

How quickly can I be delivered a translation?

Usually, a 3000-word translation project is delivered within 2 working days from the assignment date. Should the project contain graphics, images or other technicalities, the timeframe may be longer. In any event, the project’s delivery deadline is mutually agreed on a case by case basis.

In the era of high standards and globalization, there is no place for amateurism.
Specialization emerges thus as a necessity, not a luxury.

We keep abreast for our clients’ needs and respond to them with professionalism.