New Technologies

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

The severity of the pandemic and the climate of uncertainty it caused in face-to-face contacts and transactions led to the emergence of Distance Interpreting, using new technologies in online conferences where physical presence is not feasible.
InterTrans provides this capability and closely monitors all technological advancements in online meeting platforms with interpretation, strictly adhering to the best professional practices for Distance Interpreting as formulated by AIIC (International Association of Interpreters) and SYDISE (Association of Conference Interpreters in Greece).
Furthermore, our company also offers the option of using a hub (studio) for remote interpreting, allowing interpreters to be physically present in the same location, even if the speakers/participants are joining remotely.

In the era of high standards and globalization, there is no place for amateurism.
Specialization emerges thus as a necessity, not a luxury.

We keep abreast for our clients’ needs and respond to them with professionalism.