InterTrans agency
has been very active in the field of written translation.

We have a big team of experienced translators –in Greece and abroad- to fully meet our clients’ needs. Having received the material to be translated, we remain in close contact with the customer throughout the translation process in order to identify basic details, to determine the delivery deadline and to agree on specific points or terminology items etc.

Our primary concern is to adhere to the agreed terms of cooperation and to ensure the perfect balance between tight deadlines, high quality in the deliverables and competitive pricing.

Prior to delivering the end product to our customers, our agency sees to a rigorous proof-reading

Translation Fields

  • Laws
  • Ministerial Decisions
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical-pharmaceutical Texts, Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Technical Texts & Manuals
  • Financial Statements
  • Contracts – Agreements – Reports
  • Articles Of Association
  • Government Gazettes
  • Academic Dissertations – Theses
  • Commercial Communication
  • Nsrf (National Strategic Reference Framework)

In the era of high standards and globalization, there is no place for amateurism.
Specialization emerges thus as a necessity, not a luxury.

We keep abreast for our clients’ needs and respond to them with professionalism.